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Collect Up Company is active to verify the requested Client’s certification and other documentation for equipment, companies and human resources’ CV’s, by control according to standards, rules and regulation   Collect up has developed a Networking Platform to digitalize and simplify this validation process namely EnergyZooom which is coming soon on Azure Microsoft Cloud for world class services from Norway.


Collect Up mission is to assist worldwide Clients and its contractors to facilitate a reliable information exchange through the energy sector and to make it easy and confident to do business from anywhere in this sector.

Skilled Resources

Service Resources



Skilled Resources

Collect Up’s Professional Background Check Scheme generates a network of REAL professionals by verifying their certificates and other valuable information like their previous employers.

Product/Service Resources

END USER can’t use products or services if they don’t know the VENDOR and trustworthy of their products or services. To build the END USER’s confidence, Collect UP AS will conduct validity check of the VENDOR’s claims on their products or services. Collect-Up AS demonstrates Why Your Product is Reliable.


In our upcoming innovation platform –EnergyZooom-, a multi-purpose profile has been developed for each company and profession in the sector.

In the current world, the issue is not how to access information about the needed resources (human, goods or services resources). But the main question is how much this data is reliable."


Certificate of Qualification Collect Up As is Qualified in the Achilles Joint Qualification System for suppliers to the Oil Industry in Norway and Denmark.

Top Features In the Upcoming Platform –EnergyZooom-

Personnel Profile

Whether you are an engineer, project manager, executive or anyone in the sector, you now have a dedicated place for knowledge sharing and professional networking that is free and open to all.

Business Profile

Each business have their page and website to share the company’s products or services, upcoming events and interesting posts with other people

Complex Profile

Complex is a group of businesses that join together in order to hit the target customers more effectively


Your Circle is your Professional Power. To increase validity of your experiences, you can able to create your professional Circles.

Verification system

Everything in energy sector is about the reliability. Collect UP has a system to verify certificates or claims of people, companies, products, services. When you get verified you build trust.

Challenge Center

We focus on connecting the companies in energy sector with innovative people and organizations around the world that can help them find solutions to their business challenges.


Collect Up is verifying the originality of certificates and other valuable information mentioned in a professional’s CV. When you receive Work Experience Verification, validity of your proffecinal history is available, anywhere and anytime, to submit to any company. In today’s fast paced and globalized world, background checks are an important part of companies’ hiring procedures but it is an expensive and time consuming process for companies. Background checks can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week or more depending on the details being sought, and this can delay the hiring process, which may affect production.

When your pre-verified resume is available to companies, it is obvious that companies tend to use your resume instead of an unverified resume, to reduce time and cost. Also, when you get new qualifications or new experiences (may be short-term, but valuable), it is crucial to update and conduct verification check on your CV with including the new skills or experiences. That would be a better job offer for you and higher pay. Our web distribution solution can give you that capability to update the verification of new qualifications and experiences, immediately.

Nowadays, suppliers play a very important role in the success of a project. The first step to take before engaging with any supplier is to go through his past and current projects and to investigate the supplier’s abilities. Knowing the supplier beforehand helps to create and build healthy relations. Therefore, to increase transparency and reduce risk in the supply chain, companies need to work together. Receiving feedback from former clients to know if they are satisfied with the suppliers’ services, such as the quality, delivery times, and responsiveness will be very beneficial and create more confident in making decisions.

Collect Up is verifying the originality of certificates and other valuable information mentioned in a company’s Resume. Also with getting feedback from current projects, the former clients and all other potential customers will be updated with progress of the supplier and will be informed of the latest status of suppliers at any moment. Using this system will help to reduce wasted time, risk and unnecessary costs when sourcing new suppliers. Also it will improve the current supplier’s efficiency, continuously.

All Verified Certificates, which will be used in the energy sector Project, will be traced by Work Flow Function from the Original Manufacturer to Operators via EnergyZooom Web Platform. This process will help to reduce cost of document control in the projects. Also, with using this service, it will be increased the trust over originality of the certificates.

Collect Up is Verifying the originality of certificates and other valuable information of a product or service. Collect-up doesn’t act as certificate body but checks validity of the issued certificates. Our product verification services can help you check compliance of materials and components to international codes and standards.

Verifying CV
Verifying Company
Verifying Product
Tracing Certificates

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